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February 2005
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the fandoms
Fandoms include, but are not exclusive to;

Jude Law, Closer, Callum Blue, Clive Owen, Natalie Portman, Matthew Perry, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, any movies containing aforementioned actors, Friends, Dead Like Me, Smallville, King of the Hill, Futurama, Our Lady Peace

the rules
1) leave a comment
2) credit in your keywords
3) don't claim as your own
4) feel free to add journal to your friends list. if you're an icon journal, I'll add you back

journal owned by

This icon journal is no longer going to be active.

But have no fear! I have started fresh, with a new beginning, at againsthelaw. If you had be friended here, I would love it if you'd refriend me.

Affiliates, please change fatmonica to againsthelaw.

This journal served it's purpose long enough.
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Just when I feel like I've fallen off the face of the earth, the icon world sucks me back in.

I don't have much, just a few humble icons, and as always, I've been expirementing. Love them, hate them, leave me pretty comments anyway.


6 CloserCollapse )

3 Garden StateCollapse )

15 Jude Law / Cold MountainCollapse )

4 SmallvilleCollapse )

Textures can be found here. Comments are loved, please credit fatmonica in your keywords, etc etc etc.
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Okay so... I originally made this set of icons for _diamondicons but then I was like... no one makes Topher icons, so I'm going to make them public... but they're definitely devoted to _diamondicons. XD (I stuck a couple of Jude's in there too :D.)


The RestCollapse )

Not many but I'm under some stress and how does one get rid of stress? One makes icons! So expect some more tonight. Ah, promises, promises.
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Well, I decided to leave my comfort zone and try some new things. So I found a "style" that I'm playing around with and your opinions would be appreciated. Gold and peanuts for people who comment with opinions (unless they're negative comments and then they get fresh, warm doggy poo XD).


AlfieCollapse )

Clive OwenCollapse )

Garden StateCollapse )

Jude LawCollapse )

Natalie PortmanCollapse )

Comments loved, credit must...ed?

I'm not satisfied at all with these icons, but what can you do?
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I made some artwork today after being absent from Photoshop for a LONG time.

Two variations of one Closer piece, a Natalie piece, and an Allison piece for a friend. :)

Hey! If you like 'em... renew my paid account! Or not... either way... ;]

Heh. Oh the desperation.
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